50 leading insurance companies join forces to curb discrimination

50 leading insurance companies join forces to curb discrimination

As many as 50 of the world’s largest insurance companies have joined together to launch a new pledge for inclusivity across the sector.

The pledge, which comes in a bid to end discrimination in recruitment and throughout workplaces across the sector, has been spearheaded by banking group Lloyds and insurance giant Zurich.

According to reports, it addresses all forms of potential discrimination in the workplace, including:

·        Age discrimination

·        Racial discrimination

·        Disability discrimination

·        Pregnancy/maternity discrimination

·        Gender reassignment discrimination

·        Marriage/civil partnerships discrimination

·        Religious discrimination

·        Discrimination on grounds of gender or sexual orientation.

The so-called Inclusive Behaviours Pledge has received backing from 50 organisations so far, including Axa and RSA.

On top of this pledge, the industry has also announced a number of other initiatives to combat the issue of improving inclusion across the sector.

Commenting, Tulsi Naidu, acting CEO of Zurich UK, said: “My experience is that the insurance industry is a great place to work but we do still see instances of poor behaviour which undermine the whole and that’s why we think this pan-industry initiative is so important.

“We believe the Inclusive Behaviours Pledge will send a clear signal that the leadership of our industry is committed to working together to drive out inappropriate or discriminatory behaviour.”

Inga Beale, CEO of Lloyds, added: “The Inclusive Behaviours Pledge is a public commitment reinforcing our promise as individual organisations, and as a collective, to challenge inappropriate behaviour and create increasingly welcoming and inclusive workplaces for the diverse talent powering our sector.”