Addison Lee loses EAT bid to overturn worker status ruling

Addison Lee loses EAT bid to overturn worker status ruling

London-based taxi and courier company Addison Lee has lost its bid to overturn a worker status ruling at the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT).

Last week, the firm attempted to overturn a ruling in relation to one of its workers, referred to in Court documents as Mr Gascoigne, who previously won his case at the Central London Employment Tribunal last year.

In August 2017, the Tribunal found that Mr Gascoigne was a ‘worker’ as opposed to a ‘self-employed contractor’ under Addison Lee – and that the company should therefore pay him holiday and sick pay, and extend other standard employment rights to him.

The disgruntled driver argued that the company had ‘mis-classified’ him, as he was ‘under obligation’ to accept work from Addison Lee.

Taking the case to the EAT in recent days, Addison Lee argued that the previous ruling was unjust and asked the EAT to consider the fact that Mr Gascoigne’s contract with the company classed him as an independent contractor.

However, examining the evidence, the EAT upheld the previous ruling and said that it was clear Mr Gascoigne would find himself facing a “tricky situation” if ever he failed to accept work offered by the company.

The EAT therefore ruled that Mr Gascoigne was entitled to traditional employment rights, such as holiday and sick pay.