Britons leave billions to charities in Wills

According to new data it is has been revealed that Britons left a record breaking £2.85 billion to charity in their Wills last year.

The data comes as part of the national Remember a charity in your will campaign which runs between 10th to the 16th September.

The figure collected through legacy donations has increased 40 per cent from £2bn to £2.85bn in the last five years, it works out as the equivalent of the money raised from 39 Red Nose Days.

The average amount donated is £3,300 and, whilst most people donate to one single charity, the average number of charitable gifts is three.

The Remember a Charity group also found that health and cancer charities received the largest legacy income, with Cancer Research UK, Macmillan Cancer Support and the British Heart Foundation amongst the top five.

Rob Cope, director of the Remember a Charity group, said: ‘It’s incredibly encouraging to see the collective amount gifted to charities in wills rise, as it genuinely has a huge impact.

“For example, legacies fund six in ten lifeboat launches and two in three guide dogs. It doesn’t matter how much you leave, even a small amount can make such a big difference, whether it’s helping with research into curing life-threatening diseases or taking care of endangered species.

“However, there’s still a job to be done before gifting in Wills becomes the norm.”

A separate poll of 2,000 adults conducted through found a third would be willing to leave a charitable gift in their Will, after taking care of family and friends. However, currently just six in 100 Brits leave a donation in their Will.