Business warned to disclose gender pay gap before midnight deadline

Business warned to disclose gender pay gap before midnight deadline

Organisations that employ 250 or more employees have been issued a ‘final warning’ that they must publish their gender pay gap by midnight.

The calls come after it emerged that while almost 9,000 companies had already released their gender pay gap data by 7:00am this morning, dozens now have just a few hours to go before the final deadline.

So far, of those businesses that have published their figures, some 78 per cent generally pay men more than women – while only 13 per cent generally pay women more.

Budget airline operator Ryanair has been described as one of the “worst offenders” so far, after having reported a 71.8 per cent pay gap.

The airline said that the majority of its higher-paid pilots were male, while women made up most of its lower-paid flight crew.

Meanwhile, a number of large organisations – such as Matalan, Starbucks, McDonald’s and KFC – have reported that there is ‘no difference’ between what they pay their male and female workers.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd, who also acts as the Minister for Women and Equalities, said that there was no excuse for companies not to be fully transparent now, as the deadline approaches.

Prime Minister Theresa May added that, once all the data had been published, the Government would “have stablished a baseline from which to hold [businesses] to account in the future” over an issue she described as a “burning injustice.”