Developer accused of “washing its hands of responsibility” as parking row deepens

A major house builder has been urged to clarify parking arrangements on a housing estate, with the confusion which has ensued having triggered a dispute between neighbours.

Persimmon Homes designed and built the Ashington estate, in the North East, around a decade ago.

With tensions rising between locals, resident Claire Calvert has said that the firm needs to make clear who is allowed to park in visitor bays.

She told local news site Chronicle Live that she had tried without success to resolve the problem and was unhappy that the house builder had not done more to help.

“When I bought my property I was advised that it had visitor parking bays at the back,” she said.

“I obtained my deeds and the plot where the bay is situated had VP marked on it so I didn’t think anything of it.

“But I had a dispute with a neighbour who said she could stop people parking there if they wanted.

“I contacted Persimmon who advised that I did have access and there was a restrictive covenant in place which meant it was for shared access between the four houses near it. But I was not given anything in writing which made it clear enough.”

John Eynon, managing director for Persimmon Homes North East, said: “All covenants are explained by the buyer’s conveyance solicitor at the time of purchase.

“We don’t get involved with neighbourly disputes, but any issue should have been brought to the solicitor’s attention when the property was purchased eight years ago.”