Dramatic year-on-year rise in Employment Tribunal claims

Dramatic year-on-year rise in Employment Tribunal claims

Since Employment Tribunal fees were famously abolished last year, the number of Tribunal claims received by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has grown significantly, new data reveals.

Earlier this week, the MoJ published figures suggesting that some 8,173 claims were lodged in the three months to December 2017.

Commentators have been keen to note that this represents a staggering 90 per cent rise when compared with figures from the same period the previous year.

During the same period, the backlog of existing cases also increased substantially, by 66 per cent, the MoJ’s data reveals.

The surprising figures come not long after the Supreme Court famously ruled that the UK’s Employment Tribunal fees regime was unlawful, as it restricted access to justice for disgruntled employees who could not afford to take their employer to Tribunal.

Since the decision was made, the media has estimated that the Government will need to repay approximately £32 million to historic claims affected by the ‘unlawful’ regime.

According to the MoJ’s figures, refunds of up to £2.8 million have already been distributed to past claimaints since the Government’s Employment Tribunal fee refund scheme was launched in October last year.