High Court dismisses claim against top university

Former student had lodged a claim in the High Court

A man has lost his legal battle against the University of Oxford, having failed to convince a Judge that he deserved damages from his alma mater.

Faiz Siddiqui had lodged a claim in the High Court after blaming “inadequate” teaching for missing out on a first class degree.

Mr Siddiqui had studied history at Brasenose College – whose alumni include David Cameron and Michael Palin – almost 20 years ago, but had failed to achieve the highest grade of degree.

He alleged that this cost him entry to a top law college in the United States, which had in turn thwarted his ambition to follow his chosen career path.

The now 39-year-old had sought a £1million pay-out from the university, which he held responsible.

While Oxford University had conceded that fewer teaching staff had been available during the autumn term of Ms Siddiqui’s studies, it had refuted suggestions that this meant the teaching had been “inadequate”.

Having considered the evidence, Judge David Foskett agreed and dismissed the man’s claim.

“Whilst it cannot be said that some aspect of a person’s education – inadequately delivered – can never be the cause of that person’s failure to achieve some otherwise attainable objective, the hurdles in establishing a claim for compensation based upon that inadequate delivery are great and often insurmountable,” he said.

“In this case, I have not been satisfied that the delivery of one particular feature of the claimant’s undergraduate degree course was inadequate or, in any event, that it had the consequences claimed for it.”