Infants challenge father’s £3.5 million estate

Infants challenge father’s £3.5 million estate

People are being warned about the importance of updating wills after a man’s estate was challenged by his young children in an unusual case surrounding reasonable provision for infants.

In the case of Ubbi v Ubbi the court awarded Bianca Maria Corrado £386,000 of the late Malkair Singh Ubbi’s £3.5 million estate. Carrado appeared at the hearing as a litigation friend on behalf of her children aged three and sixth months who are named in the judgement.

The judge, Master Karen Shuman, said there is ‘little specific guidance for claims made by infants and that the case is likely to be used as future guidance for similar Inheritance Act claims in the future.

Ubbi, the father of the two children, was described by the judge as leading a ‘double life’ after it was revealed that he and Corrado had a long-term affair and Ubbi was in the process of getting a divorce from his wife when he died in 2015. However, his will had not been updated to include provisions for his children, prompting Corrado to bring up a claim under the Inheritance Act.

This landmark case proves the importance of not allowing your will to languish with outdated information and highlights the consequences of staying married to someone despite the irretrievable break down of a relationship.

This case also goes to show that while updating a will may seem costly and time-consuming from the outset, the fallout of leaving heirs and second families unaccounted for is much worse.’