Landlord-tenant disputes on the rise, data suggests

Landlord-tenant disputes on the rise, data suggests

New figures published this week suggest that landlord-tenant disputes are growing increasingly popular across the UK.

According to The Property Ombudsmen’s latest annual report, the number of complaints received in relation to properties in 2017 was up by three per cent year-on-year.

Homeowners, landlords, tenants and anyone else with a stake in property will often turn to an ombudsmen for help when they find themselves facing a problem. In many cases, however, complex and bitter disputes will quickly escalate and parties will require expert legal advice.

The data suggests that landlords accounted for almost half (49 per cent) of initial complaints made last year, while tenants issued 45 per cent of complaints.

The report reveals that in the lettings sector, the top three reasons for complaints were ‘poor management’, ‘communication and record-keeping issues’ and ‘problems with tenancy agreements, inventories and deposits’.

Meanwhile, it suggests that the majority of complaints put forward came from landlords and tenants based in Greater London (23 per cent), followed closely by South East England (20 per cent) and the North West (11 per cent).

In total, more than 3,000 complaints were handed, yet a large number of these were never properly resolved.

In many cases, the complexity of a property dispute will require detailed advice and guidance from a legal expert who is a specialist in property litigation.