Man awarded over £30,000 after taking former employers to court

Man awarded over £30,000 after taking former employers to court

An ex-employee of an award-winning ramen noodle bar has taken the owner to court and won more than £30,000 in damages after filing for unfair dismissal, among other claims.

Richard Riks, former operations manager of Sticks ‘n’ Broth, took restaurant owner Som Miller to court after the venue was suddenly shut down in September 2017.

The shock closure left in its wake a number of unhappy staff, including Mr. Riks, who had been put out of work without sufficient notice, with a number of employees claiming at the time they were also owed wages.

Despite this, Mr. Miller reopened the restaurant a week or so later with an entirely new workforce made up of university students, leaving Mr. Riks with little choice but to take legal action against his former employer.

He filed claims for unpaid wages, redundancy pay and holiday pay. However, after hearing his testimony, the tribunal panel found he was due a larger amount of compensation because of his employer’s actions.

The tribunal, therefore, ruled in his favour and against Mr. Miller, who had not attended the hearings nor contacted the court at the time.

The court awarded Mr. Riks damages of £29,320. Later, increasing to £30,318.35 after interest was added. The amount increased with court enforcement fees to £33,868.10.

An appeal filed by Mr. Miller to the Bristol Employment Tribunal in March after the hearings had concluded was rejected by the Tribunal judges.

In his letter to the court, Mr. Miller claimed he was not happy with the way Mr. Riks had been running the businesses, claiming his former employee had caused him to lose £200,000 through ‘over purchasing and inadequate management’.