McCain fried for competition failure

McCain fried for competition failure

Frozen food wholesaler McCain has come under fire after it was revealed that less than one per cent of available prizes advertised in its giveaway were won.

The company’s Great Village Raffle claimed to offer prizes with a total value of £3 million.

However, just 160 of the 28,815 prizes were won, according to the BBC.

The Advertising Standards Authority said there had been four complaints about the promotion so far.

Carey Trevill, from the Institute of Promotional Marketing, suggested the company’s failings should be something to learn from.

It should be clear whether a prize is “guaranteed to be won or if there’s a chance it will be won,” she said.

Di Coke, a serial ‘comper’ (someone who enters multiple competitions a day), criticised McCain’s transparency.

“McCain should’ve told us how many of the promotional packs are actually out there so we can work it out,” she said.

“Ridiculously extreme figures like ‘£3 million of prizes’ just aren’t necessary to get people interested – and when those prizes are advertised but not awarded, consumers lose their trust in a brand.”

A spokesperson for McCain told the BBC: “The Great Village Raffle promotion clearly stated on packaging and in the terms and conditions that prizes were available to be won, not guaranteed, and was approved by the Institute of Promotional Marketing. We listen to consumer feedback however and won’t be running this type of promotion again.”