Mothers names to be included on marriage certificates

Mothers names to be included on marriage certificates

A private bill proposing that mothers’ names should be put on marriage certificates has received backing in Parliament.

The Home Office said it is taking steps in modernising marriage registration for the first time since 1837.

Under current rules, only the fathers of a couple can be included on the certificate.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said: “A marriage is not just a major event for the couple but also in the life of any parent – and it is only right that all parents have the opportunity to have their names included on marriage certificates.

“The current legislation which only allows for fathers’ names is completely outdated and does not reflect modern Britain.

“There are around 250,000 marriages every year. It is about time that there are equal rights and recognition when it comes to registering a child’s marriage.”

In Scotland and Northern Ireland couples are already asked to give the names of both parents on the marriage certificate.

The campaign forms part of the Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths (Registration Etc.) Bill, introduced by MP Tim Loughton.

The Bill would also see 84,000 hard copy marriage certificates transferred to a digital database.