Research reveals ‘poor progress’ in closing gender pay gap

Research reveals ‘poor progress’ in closing gender pay gap

New research has revealed that Britain’s gender pay gap is slowly widening – and that women in their 50s, as well as those living in London, the South East or the East of England, all rank among those worst affected.

According to the latest data, Britain’s gender pay gap is currently the widest in London and the narrowest in Wales.

In London, the pay gap is approximately 20.7 per cent, followed by 16.3 per cent in South East England.

The West Midlands and the East of England ranked third and fourth, respectively, while Wales and North East England were found to have the narrowest gender pay gap.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has said that women in their 50s are faring particularly badly, being paid an average of 18.6 per cent less than men in similar roles with comparable qualifications.

Maria Miller, Chair of the Women and Equalities Select Committee and MP for Basingstoke, branded Britain’s progress in trying to eliminate the gender pay gap as “disappointing.”

She said that, going forward, a far greater push from the Government – and from businesses – was needed.

“We continue to hear warm words from the Government on eliminating the gender pay gap but clearly progress remains disappointing. Businesses must also take responsibility.

“We continue to push for urgent action and reiterate that flexible working, sharing unpaid caring responsibilities, and supporting women returning to work after having children, are all key to tackling the problem,” she said.