Rogue landlord fined in Court over failure to comply with EPO

Rogue landlord fined in Court over failure to comply with EPO

A UK landlord who ignored an Emergency Prohibition Order (EPO) and illegally housed as many as 10 people in a brick outhouse in his back garden has been fined in Court.

Mr Palvinder Singh Beesal found himself facing a legal battle following a series of worrying inspections of his Ilford home, which revealed a number of serious health and safety concerns.

Housing officers from the local council were initially called out after Mr Beesal’s tenants complained that the rogue landlord had switched off gas and electricity to the property’s ground floor rooms.

However, upon arrival, officers discovered a gas leak, problems with the property’s electricity wiring and a number of fire safety issues.

Most notably, however, officers spotted clear signs that people had been living in the small brick outhouse located in the property’s back garden.

Under existing planning permission, Mr Beesal’s outhouse was only to be used by the residents of the main property – but the signs suggested that the rogue landlord was illegally letting out the small brick building to additional tenants.

Officers swiftly placed an EPO on the house, making it illegal for anyone to continue to live inside.

But on three later visits to the property throughout the spring and summer of 2017, inspectors were alarmed to find that building work was being carried out while people were still living in the property.

On one visit, there were reportedly as many as 10 people occupying the small brick outhouse in the garden.

Appearing before Barkingside Magistrates Court on Friday 13 April 2018, Mr Beesal insisted that he had spent thousands of pounds on the property in a bid to lift the EPO.

He added that he was ‘unaware’ that the EPO meant nobody was allowed to occupy the building while improvement works were being carried out.

Nevertheless, the rogue landlord pleaded guilty to three charges of failing to comply with a housing prohibition order – and was ordered to pay a £6,000 fine.

He was also reprimanded for “disregarding the safety of other human beings.”