Tesco ordered to pay £1.6 million fine over health and safety blunders

Tesco ordered to pay £1.6 million fine over health and safety blunders

A series of inexcusable health and safety blunders which resulted in a man sustaining ‘life-changing’ injuries has landed grocery giant Tesco with £1.6 million in fines.

According to a report in getwestlondon, a Tesco lorry driver seriously injured a man while reversing into a loading bay ‘unassisted’ in August 2014.

The devastating incident, which occurred at a Tesco Metro store in Greenford, London, saw the unnamed victim suffer “a number of serious a life-changing injuries,” reports suggest.

After the tragic event, officers from Ealing Council’s health and safety team investigated the site where the incident occurred.

The investigation revealed that Tesco had failed to adequately manage the health and safety risks faced both by the vehicles in motion and by pedestrians using the customer car park adjoining the loading bay.

Health and safety officers added that the store had failed to ensure that its drivers were assisted when they were reversing into loading bays on more than one occasion.

The supermarket giant found itself in Court, where it pleaded guilty to all charges and was fined £800,000 for each offence.

In total, Tesco was ordered to pay £1.6 million, on top of costs of £50,000.

It was also ordered to make improvements to the layout of its customer car park and to install a series of barriers between the parking spaces and the loading bay to clearly separate delivery trucks and pedestrians.