With the UK becoming a ‘greying’ workforce – Are you an age-friendly employer?

With the UK becoming a ‘greying’ workforce – Are you an age-friendly employer?

By 2024 there is expected to be one in four people in the UK aged over 60, it was reported that last year an estimated 10 million over-50s were working.

With the UK being a developed country it is only natural that the UK will form an ageing population and this will be a major feature of employment in years to come.

A recent report highlighted some of the difficulties that employers and employees are currently facing with older workers.

According to a recent poll conducted by YouGov, older employees are feeling discriminated against because of their age.

Results found that since turning 50, 14 per cent of employees believe that they have been unsuccessful when applying for a job because of their age; with one in five considering concealing their age in applications.

32 per cent believe that have been offered fewer opportunities compared to younger employees, which can explain why one in five feel that others see them as less capable because of their age.

A staggering 40 per cent of employees aged 50 and over think their workplace has a policy related to preventing age discrimination, nearly half of these (47 per cent) say it has made no difference.

The Centre for Ageing Better is trying to encourage employers to adopt 5 steps to ensure they are prepared for an ageing workforce:

1. Flexibility in working, manage it well and help people know their options.

2. Hire age-positivity: actively target candidates of all ages and minimise age-bias in the recruitment process.

3. Ensure mental health support is in place, by enabling early and open conversations to support workers with mental health conditions.

4. Encourage career development and opportunities for all ages.

5. Create an age-positive culture, support interaction and networking among the staff of all ages.

These poll statistics offer a reminder that steps need to be taken to prevent age discrimination and likewise the consequences of failing to support an ageing workforce.