Woman who “clumsily forged” late partner’s Will is handed two-year suspended sentence

Woman who “clumsily forged” late partner’s Will is handed two-year suspended sentence

A 66-year-old woman who attempted to disinherit her children by “clumsily forging” her late partner’s Will has been handed a two-year suspended sentence following a long-running legal wrangle.

Ms Kamarah Inessah Graham-York, who cohabited with musician Norton Brian York and his three children at Mr York’s home in London for 33 years, drew-up a bogus Will stating that she was to receive the musician’s entire £901,200 estate after his death.

The six-bedroom Chiswick home, which was registered solely in Mr York’s name, was initially supposed to be passed on to his three children until Ms Graham-York intervened, a Court heard.

The prominent musician passed away in June 2009, and Ms Graham-York “clumsily forged” the unlawful legal document shortly afterwards, after being “shocked” by the fact Mr York had not made a Will of his own and that his estate would pass on to his three children via Intestacy rules.

She initially told family members that the document had been hidden between old books at the Chiswick home – but it soon emerged that the document was a fake.

According to MailOnline, Ms Graham-York dreamt-up a bizarre plan whereby a non-existent daughter of hers would inherit the entire estate and hand it over to her. She then proceeded to try and recruit someone to pose as this ‘daughter’.

The fraudulent document caused serious hardship for the family, which saw the widow evicted from the Chiswick home and the emergence of a bitter legal battle between her and Mr York’s three sons.

Adrian York, the deceased’s 41-year-old stepson, described Ms Graham-York as a “serial liar” in Court, while his brother, Graham, said that he had been left with depression and PTSD following years of unnecessary stress.

Upon admitting that she had forged the document, Judge Philip Matthews said: “You were concerned that you were going to be left high and dry so planned your own method to obtain what you could from the estate.

“You were shocked by the fact there was no Will, but that is no excuse for making the lives of your family a misery for years and the criminal deception went on for years.”

Ms Graham York admitted defrauding the London Probate Office and was handed a two-year suspended sentence.