Woman wins diabetes discrimination case

Woman wins diabetes discrimination case

A woman diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes has won her claim for discrimination against Eventsec Ltd, after security staff in its employ confiscated the bottle of Lucozade she had taken to a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert.

Kayla Hanna, aged 20, carries a bottle of Lucozade with her at all times to help manage her blood sugar levels. She was prevented from taking it into the concert by a security guard, who insisted that there was a strict policy against bringing drinks into the venue.

This was despite Ms Hanna showing the door staff both her diabetes tattoo and insulin pack.

The incident, which occurred two years ago, led the 20-year-old to take legal action under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 culminating in the court case that saw her awarded £2,000 in compensation.

The judge overseeing the case said that the security company had “failed to provide a reasonable adjustment to its policy of not allowing liquids to be brought into the concert”. It was found that discrimination against Ms Hanna had taken place, after the court heard how, due to the incident, she had felt “very anxious and upset” throughout the gig.

A spokesperson for Eventsec Ltd said the company was disappointed by the ruling but pleased that the judge had drawn attention to the fact it “considered what reasonable adjustments needed to be put in place in order to meet the needs of those patrons with diabetes”.

It went on to say that the situation involving Ms Hanna had been an “isolated incident”.