Working dads are losing out

Working dads are losing out

MPs have said that working fathers are losing out in the workplace due to a lack of Government support.

Dads who have taken advantage of Government rules introduced in 2015, allowing parents to share parental leave, have met with disapproval upon their return to the workplace, while others are fearful of the reaction should they ask for flexibility.

The findings are revealed in a report by MPs who make up the Women and Equalities Committee. The study makes the point that despite the best intentions of the Government and its policy, the support for dads has failed to materialise.

The Committee has made a series of recommendations that, if implemented, would make flexible working easier for men. These include:

· All new jobs to be advertised as flexible

· Improved rights for dads who are agency or casual workers

· A potential 12 weeks of dedicated leave for dads in their child’s first year

· An increase in paternity pay.

Maria Miller, who chairs the Women and Equalities Committee, said: “Workplace policies have not kept up with the social changes in people’s everyday lives.”

She went on to describe “outdated assumptions” regarding gender roles in relation to childcare as “further barriers to change”.

Welcoming the report, a spokesperson for the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy said: “We have also launched a campaign to encourage more parents to take up Shared Parental Leave so they can better balance childcare and their careers, and we are launching a taskforce to review how the right to request flexible working is currently being applied.”